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Tailored Tax Compliance Solutions That Work for You

Spending time reporting telecommunications taxes can pull your staff away from business growth and profitable opportunities. Sales Tax Associates, Inc. can resolve this dilemma by evaluating your needs and tailoring solutions that work for you and your company. Rely on us to take on the task of filing all of your telecommunications taxes accurately and timely, from sales tax to regulatory compliance.


Navigating Through Complicated Tax Forms and Language

Tax compliance is an ever-changing, lengthy, and complex business. Our team has experience in expertly navigating through complicated tax forms and language. Because we focus on telecommunications taxes and regulation, we can make this "taxing" experience easier on your business by doing the hard work for you. Taxes we file include, but are not limited to:

 » Business and Occupation
 » E911
 » Excise Tax
 » Gross Receipts
 » Licenses Tax
 » PUC
 » Right-Of-Way
 » Sales and Use
 » USF and TRS Surcharge
 » Utility Users

We tailor our services, including tax consulting, to fit your specific needs. No matter what format your billing platform utilizes, we can manage it. Whether you provide us paper documents, large databases, Excel™ files, or text files, our team of tax professionals has the solution. Our company also has strategic alliances with auxiliary firms for state certification, tax rating, invoicing, and a variety of other telecommunication compliance services.