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Registration and Consultation 

Whether you are an established business or just starting out, Sales Tax Associates, Inc. helps with a variety of tax services specifically tailored to meet all jurisdictional sales, excise, use, and regulatory compliance requirements. Our team of professionals can also get you registered in both state and local jurisdictions. This saves you time from researching the requirements yourself. In addition to tax compliance, Sales Tax Associates, Inc. offers a full range of tax consulting services. These services include:

 » Tax Research
 » Audit Assistance (Including handling the entire audit process in our office.)
 » Voluntary Disclosure
 » Due Diligence
 » Tax Refunds
 » Prior Period Resolution

Focused Regulatory Reporting

Adhering to monthly, quarterly, and annual filing requirements for regulatory reporting is mandatory for all telecommunication companies. A carrier that provides service in only a handful of states can be required to file hundreds of reports with regulatory agencies every year. It can be an overwhelming task for a carrier to stay on top of what needs to be reported and when each report is due; however, non-compliance can result in a loss of state certification.

Most telecommunication carriers cannot afford pricey regulatory tax compliance companies to handle all the required reporting; and not filing the required reports on time erodes revenues through late filing fees, penalties, and interest. Our knowledgeable staff will keep you in compliance of all the regulatory reporting requirements. Contact us today to find out how.